How to Upload Images to the NT1100 Photos Gallery

1. Create a Photos Gallery Account

Firstly create a seperate Photos Gallery account.

Note: Registered forum members need to create a separate account with the Photos Gallery. We ask that you use the same username and email address as your main forum account.

Unfortunately the photos area can only accept single word usernames, so if your forum username is two words then then you'll need to make a single word by joining the words together or adding a underscore e.g. "Blue NT" would become "BlueNT" or even "Blue_NT".

Create Account


Upload your Photos

IMPORTANT: There are two different ways in which you can upload images to the Gallery:

a) Direct to the Gallery


b) Using the "Upload Images" button when composing your forum post

2a. Upload your Photos - Direct to the Gallery

Go to the Gallery and login. Then simply click on the "Upload" button and browse to the images on your computer or device. You can add single images or multiple images all at once (max 40 at a time).

Images can be added by finding the file on your device or computer, or even by adding a list of urls.

Max. upload image size is 5MB each.

Once the preview has appeared you can also edit the image title if you wish:

Edit image details

Uploaded photos essentially go into a big bucket under your name (not an album). However, once uploaded you can create additional albums and move the photos between them.

Alternatively, if you create an album in advance then you can choose it when you upload:

Choose album

When your image has uploaded scroll down and you'll see the embed codes should you need them.....

Copy BBCode

If you come back to the image at a later date then you'll find the bbcode beneath the image. If you can not scroll down then click on the image and then scroll down

In all cases simply copy the code (the one called "BBCODE for Forum posts") and paste it into your forum post. You need to paste it on a new blank line with a blank line above and below. The code supplied is "ready to use" so no need to add any additional tags.

2b. Using the "Upload Images" button when composing your forum post

Upload Images button

When you "compose" your post in the forum you have the option of uploading an image (or multiple images) and having the bbcode links automatically embdded into your post.

1. Whilst not essentially, ensure you have already logged in to your Photos Gallery account in advance.

2. Simply compose your post up to the point where you want your image(s) to appear (see image below).

3. Now look under the post compostion box and there is an "Upload images" button (see image below).

4. Hit the "Upload images" button and you'll be taken to the Photos Gallery where you can upload your image(s).

5. You'll be prompted for your Photos Gallery username/password if not already logged in.

6. Don't worry, any text you've already written in your post will safe.

7. Once the image(s) have uploaded you'll be instantly retuned to your post and the links will be "auto magically" inserted.

8. Complete the rest of your post and the image will appear once the post is submitted.

Copy BBCode


3. More options - Selecting multiple images

Lets say your images are already in the gallery and you want the bbcode for several of them.

If you go to your main profile page you can select specific images. Just hold your mouse over the relevant ones and click "SELECT" (see image below).

Then click on the action button to choose what you want to do:

Edit image

By using this method you can generate bbcode for single or multiple images, edit images, and also move images between albums.

Edit image


4. Optional - Create additional albums

When you upload images they are automatically attributed to you, although technically they are not in an album, just a big bucket.

However, you can create albums to organise your photos should you wish.

If you look underneath one of your images you'll see an Edit button:

Edit image

Click on that button and an edit box will popup where you can create additional albums and move images between them:

Create album

You can also create new albums from your main profile page. See image below:

Create album from profile page

Note, if you upload multiple images at once (just select them all when you browse to them), then you are given the option to create an album after upload.


5. Optional - Add Avatar and background Image to your Profile

Adding an avatar and a background image to your profile lets you create a great Gallery page for your images

Once logged in go to your Profile area:

My Profile

Now click in the "Upload Profile Background" button:

Upload Profile Background

The background image is going to span the whole page so it needs to be fairly large in width.

Once uploaded you'll see that our profile area is taking shape. Now we move on to adding an Avatar image. To do this click on the "Edit Profile" button:

Edit profile Page

Now we add an Avatar image. The uploaded image should be at least 160px. To do this make sure you are on the Profile page and click on the "Upload new image" button:

Edit avatar

Thats it. Now you should have a great looking page which looks good when people view your photos. If you make a mistake then simply edit the existing photos.

Profile page

That's it !

Now you have a great area where you can store your photos and if required easily embed them into your forum posts.